Interactions in Physical Science

Interactions in Physical Science

InterActions in Physical Science uses a learning-progression, inquiry-based approach.

The content is broken down into carefully crafted chapters of learning. Each chapter begins with a purpose followed by a Key Question. Students generate ideas and questions, then explore using the science practices. They record their results and, like scientists, they discuss their results with each other and as a class. Students also compare their ideas with real scientists.

InterActions pedagogy is research based

The role of eliciting students’ prior knowledge is an important aspect of the pedagogy of InterActions. Students construct knowledge gradually in a complex process that attempts to reconcile old and new information. The appreciation of the importance of students’ initial ideas, as well as the need to reconcile those ideas with formal learning, guided the development of the InterActions curriculum.

InterActions is scaffolded
The InterActions curriculum scaffolds challenging ideas and skills by initially providing extensive support and then gradually reducing this support in subsequent activities. InterActions is also hierarchical in that chapters and units build on one another.


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