Astrobiology is a full-year genuinely integrated science curriculum that weaves its way through the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and Earth science, as well as sociology, ethics, and the psychology of human thought and behavior. It kindles interest and curiosity in students and offers an exciting entry into high-school science.

Astrobiology students experience science in a meaningful way.
Astrobiology students address exciting Challenges as they wrestle with age-old questions of how life on Earth originated, and what is life’s future on Earth and investigate the fascinating story of searching for life in the universe.

Astrobiology students learn like scientists.
Students learn about, explore, and participate in the real processes of science research and discovery through a series of inquiry-based activities.

Astrobiology is for ALL students.
The reading in Astrobiology is accessible to all students. Science content is delivered in student-friendly, easily readable, manageable bites.

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