SHADOWS Students use principles about similar triangles and basic trigonometry to develop formulas for finding the length of a shadow.

GEOMETRY BY DESIGN Students explore the history of geometry and human design to learn the concepts of congruence, transformations, geometric construction, and proof.

DO BEES BUILD IT BEST? Students study surface area, volume, and trigonometry to answer the question, “What is the best shape for a honeycomb?”

ORCHARD HIDEOUT Students study circles and coordinate geometry to determine how long it will take before the trees in a circular orchard grow so large that someone standing at the center of the orchard cannot see out.

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Meaningful Math Geometry SE Meaningful Math Geometry SE
SKU: 978-1-60720-602-6  
Meaningful Math-Shadows TG Meaningful Math-Shadows TG
SKU: 978-1-60720-827-3  
Meaningful Math-Geometry by Design TG Meaningful Math-Geometry by Design TG
SKU: 978-1-60720-828-0  
Meaningful Math-Do Bees Build It Best TG Meaningful Math-Do Bees Build It Best TG
SKU: 978-1-60720-829-7  
Meaningful Math-Orchard Hideout TG Meaningful Math-Orchard Hideout TG
SKU: 978-1-60720-830-3  

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