Active Science 

Active Science is an investigation-centered, K-5 science program. It provides activities, experiments, discussions, and challenges that encourage students to develop the problem solving skills that will enable them to participate and interact in the scientific and technological environment of the modern world. Scientific knowledge is increasing rapidly in all fields. Active Science prepares future citizens of the world to be prepared to ask and answer why, as well as enable them to apply scientific information in order to solve new and complex problems. Educators and scientists working together created Active Science with a thorough study of science and educational research, standards analysis, and investigation enhancements. The philosophy of the program is that students learn and remember science best when they are involved in hands-on explorations and investigations. Active Science lessons use a variety of instructional techniques to accommodate differentiation for a range of student learning styles, while students work in cooperative teams to interact, draw conclusions, and share ideas with their peers. Lessons encourage students to express and evaluate their preconceived ideas about how the world of science works. When students are able to test their ideas with real evidence and articulate what they have discovered by recording data into their Science Notebooks, the scientific learning becomes their own.

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